Why Use A Pallet Wrapper Instead Of Doing It By Hand

When your business uses pallets or skids to stack products for storage or delivery, you need to have a way to keep the products in place. No matter how well things are stacked, it is possible that something will fall off resulting in a broken product or a delivery that is missing an item. To avoid this, a stretch wrap is used to keep everything in place. You can have your employees wrap the pallets by hand or purchase a stretch wrapping machine. Here are a few reasons you should purchase the machine for this task.

Employee Safety

Having to walk around the pallet numerous times to wrap it can be a safety hazard. It is possible the worker will become dizzy or fatigued while pulling and stretching the wrap and walking around the pallet. They may also trip on a corner because of the need to stay very close to the pallet so the wrap is as tight as possible. The employee will need to bend down and stretch up high to properly wrap every item on the pallet. This can cause pulled muscles.

Save Money

The first way you will save money by using a stretch wrapping machine is on the amount of stretch wrap used. A machine can stretch the plastic much further than people can stretch it. You will not have to use or buy as much wrap. In fact, you will use up to 66 percent less wrap when a machine does the work. Another big savings you will experience when a machine is used is payroll. Hand wrapping takes a lot more time than machine wrapping. This means more work gets done in less time. Not only will it take less time, it will take fewer people, saving even more on the payroll.

Tighter, More Consistent Wraps

A machine will stretch the wrap so that it holds everything on the pallet very tightly. There will be no loose areas that may allow something to shift and fall. There will be a consistent, uniform wrap on each pallet, in part because a machined does not tire the way a person would by the end of the day.

Contact an industrial equipment company, like Fox Packaging Services, to discuss purchasing a pallet wrapper. Whether you buy one new or find a good, used unit that will fit your budget the money you save will pay for the unit long before the machine needs to be replaced. 

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